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London Olympic Games - Team GB Medal Winners

London Olympic Games - Team GB Medal Winners

13 August 2012

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After what seem like only a few days, the London 2012 Olympic Games are over and baton has been handed to Brazil for Rio 2016. Over the last 16 days Team GB have earned more Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals than they did at the Beijing Games four years ago, to once again come third in the medal table. Everyone can agree that it was an incredible feat, but even with Team GB getting their highest medal total in over 100 years, is it really 'Our Greatest Team' ever?
Some people might not also know that this isn't the first time London has hosted the modern Olympic Games, something they did twice before, first in 1908, and again in 1948. 
The 1908 Summer Olympics were scheduled to be held in Rome but doe to volcanic eruption they were moved to London. They were the Fourth Games of the Olympiad, and one of the first to be in keeping with the now-accepted four-year cycle. As you can see from the info-graphic they were in fact our most successful games to date, with Great Britain getting 146 Medals, nearly 100 more than the United States who came in second. However, these games prompted the establishment of a standard rule for sports, and the selection of judges from different countries rather than just from the host nation because of a number of controversies regarding the GB officials. 
The second time London hosted the games was 1948, and came after a 12-year hiatus because of World War II. The event became know as the Austerity Games because of the economic climate and post-war rationing. As a result no new venues were built and athletes were housed in existing accommodation rather than a purpose built Olympic Village. There were a record 59 nations competing with just over 4,000 athletes, of which only 400 of those were female. Germany and Japan were not invited to take part in the games due to their roles as aggressors in World War II, and this time round the United States won the most medals with Team GB only collecting 23, of which 3 were gold, meaning they came 12th in the Medal table.
Nothing can be taken away from the Team GB of 2012, and even though our greatest medal haul was during the 1908 games, there were only 22 nations competing and it seems the officials were on our side, as they were all British as well. This year Team GB broke their own expectations of how many medals they wanted to win. Not only this, they also brokel 5 world records in the process. They truly are Our Greatest Team.
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