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Recycle Your Old Trophies

Recycle Your Old Trophies

30 March 2010

At Trophy Store we often get asked about recycling old trophies, as nice as it is to receive a trophy, we know that after some time they can build up and take up space. Especially if you are very active and talented which means you have probably built up a fair few trophies over the years!

So we thought we'd put together a few ways to recycle your old trophies and make good use of them.

1. Donate to a local sports club or school

Many sports clubs and schools have very small budgets to work with and would welcome a donation of trophies for their end of season presentation. This is even better if you have trophy cups where the engraving plate can be easily taken off and replaced with a new one, so it can be personalised for the sports club too.

2. Donate to a local charity

Similar principle to our first tip, charities often run sports events such as short runs, walks and marathons. It can be a nice touch to give the winner or participants a medal or trophy at the end so this is another good option.

3. Send to a local recycling plant

This wouldn't be ideal for all trophies, but some which are made from metal may be useful to a local recycling plant who take scrap metal etc. They can probably break the trophy down and use the metal parts. You do need to be careful though as some trophies will have plastic resin components as well as metal.
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